The AHS Fund

The AHS Fund supports the program of greatest need. Reaching every patient, every provider, and every campus, it offers flexible support to advance high-priority programs and services, especially initiatives not covered by insurance that are made possible entirely by philanthropic support.

Already, gifts from individuals like you help reduce disparities, promote wellness, and increase access to care by supporting initiatives across our hospitals and wellness centers, including:

  • Interpretation services
  • Materials for CenteringPregnancy visits
  • Healthcare internships for high school students
  • Produce prescriptions to promote healthy eating
  • Critical equipment for patients
  • Hands-on cooking demonstrations for patients
  • Newspaper subscriptions for waiting rooms
  • Customized prosthetics for amputees
  • Job training for behavioral health outpatients

Gifts to the AHS Fund are a direct investment in Alameda Health System’s mission of Caring, Healing, Teaching Serving All. Your contribution will help ensure we have the resources we need to deliver world-class care for all and provide unparalleled support for patients and families. Make your gift today!




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