About AHS

About Alameda Health System 

Alameda Health System (AHS) is a world-class patient and family-centered health care provider that turns no one away in offering the highest levels of emergency medicine, long-term healing acute care and preventive wellness services.

Headquartered in Oakland, California, AHS governs a state-of-the-art general acute hospital, psychiatric and rehabilitation hospitals, and a network of wellness clinics. Every day, health care services and access to them are changing, and the Health System is in the forefront of that change as it happens.

This is how AHS fulfills its covenant with our communities:

Our Mission – Caring, Healing, Teaching, Serving All

Our Vision – Alameda Health System will be recognized as a world-class patient and family centered system of care that promotes wellness, eliminates disparities and optimizes the health of our diverse communities.

The Alameda Health System Foundation is honored to support the Health System in its invaluable work, and the diligent pursuit of all the best aspects of modern American healing. The sheer size of the organization – employing 3,800 people including more than 800 physicians at seven facilities –­– gives AHS a powerful and deeply cherished influence over the communities it serves. And as national health-care reform becomes a reality, no institution is better suited to making the most of its promises. AHS assets include:

Alameda Hospital an acute care facility providing emergency, inpatient, outpatient, and long-term care services in the city of Alameda. 

Highland Hospital AHS’s flagship facility is nationally renowned for the high level of care it provides to all residents of Alameda County. Highland has 236 inpatient beds and is home to one of the world’s most effective regional Trauma Centers and Emergency Departments. Through its affiliation with the University of California at San Francisco Medical School, Highland helps provide the surgeons and specialists of tomorrow, while providing acute inpatient and specialty outpatient care to all in need.

Fairmont Hospital ­– Fairmont, in San Leandro, is AHS’s acute rehabilitation and skilled nursing facility, with 159 patient beds, including 109 skilled nursing beds and a 50-bed acute rehabilitation unit. Its physicians and specialists care for patients who have suffered from multiple trauma, brain injury, stroke and other injuries and illnesses.

John George Psychiatric Hospital (JGPH)The 80-bed facility in San Leandro provides psychiatric emergency and acute care services regardless of a patient’s economic or social status. John George provides behavior care to nearly 100 % of acute psychiatric emergencies in Alameda County. It also offers vital outpatient services as a continuum of care.

San Leandro Hospital The newest member of Alameda Health System, is a 93-bed facility, that offers a wide range of medical services including 24-hour emergency and critical care and full complement of skilled acute and ancillary services. The addition of San Leandro Hospital represents a major step in expanding the AHS network of health care facilities, for improved health care options and better coordination of medical services.

Wellness Clinics – Eastmont, Newark, Hayward, and Highland Wellness are part of the AHS network of neighborhood-based community clinics. As health-care reform evolves, these clinics will play a major role in cutting costs, while increasing community wellness, by instilling preventive health practices among their patients.

Continuing Progress

Alameda Health System (AHS) never rests in its drive to provide the best care in fulfillment of its mission to Serve All. Besides administering the best treatments, recruiting and supporting the most professional staff and developing the most effective programs, AHS has upgraded its facilities as well.

  •  Thanks to a $668 million investment from Alameda County, facilities at the System’s Highland campus in Oakland have been significantly modernized during the past 10 years.  The three-story Highland Care Pavilion opened in 2013 to house a large array of outpatient clinic services including: a Same Day Clinic, Laboratory Services, Medical Imaging, a Cardiology clinic and a Non-invasive Cardiology Lab, a Pulmonary Function Lab, Gastroenterology/Liver Clinic, Endoscopy Procedures, Hematology/Oncology Clinic and an expanded Infusion Center and other critical support functions.  The nine-story, 169-bed Acute Care Tower (ACT) opened in 2016. The ACT provides in-patient care as well as a Diagnostic and Interventional Services Center, a Family Birthing Center and expanded training facilities.
  • More recently, investments totaling $26.8 million were made to create one of the region’s few dedicated rehabilitation centers at San Leandro Hospital. A renovated third and fourth floor of the facility now hosts the latest technologies to help those on the road to recovery with new, specially equipped rehabilitation rooms and beds as well as areas dedicated to speech, occupational and physical therapy treatment.

These investments provide evidence of our dedication to continuing to improve in serving the community’s health interests. With your support, AHS and the Foundation will continue to focus on providing a more coordinated care experience leading to increasing convenience, quality and cost effectiveness as the healthcare market continues to evolve.nts.


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