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Debra A. Barnes


Debra Barnes

As a specialist in health and human services philanthropy, I can think of no higher calling than to serve as President of the Alameda Health System Foundation.

I have spent a career as a leader promoting the interests of some of the Bay Area’s most valued health care institutions and causes, and in so doing I have learned to appreciate not only the value of philanthropy, but the satisfaction it affords to the donor.

At the Alameda Health System Foundation, each day I’m aware of the group achievements, personal successes and medical miracles that result from the AHS vision of making top-quality health care available to all. All of us engaged in that work are both proud of our community and deeply grateful for the support we receive.

We are now taking the first steps on the journey to sweeping national health-care reform and no institution is better prepared than Alameda Health System. Thanks to the efforts, generosity and kindness of our supporters, we enter this historic era with valuable momentum – the result of an ongoing drive to promote excellence in all we do. The Foundation has been honored to be a part of that progress.

But our struggles are far from over. The future holds many challenges for those of us who will accept nothing less than the best health care for our communities. I am confident that we are fully capable – and supremely motivated – to meet those challenges, with our hard work, good will and generosity as we take our place at the forefront of providing quality health care for all.

Please take some time to visit our website to learn about the rewarding, group and individual, efforts being made to bring about positive change. We hope you’ll be inspired to be a part of those efforts.



Debra A. Barnes
President, Alameda Health System Foundation

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